Monday, July 1, 2013

July Currently!! For the first time EVER!!

OK y'all I'm super excited to do my first currently hosted by Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade

Oh' boy fourth grade

I'm a little late...but hey it is July 1st isn't it??! Here's what I got for y'all...

Listening: My husband and in-laws are chatting after we had a nice taco dinner. It's kind of late but it's been a whirlwind of a day. My in-laws come over often and usually stay no less than 2 hours at a time...not complaining! They are awesome!! My mother-in-law helped me so much tonight: held my crazy 9 month old so I could finish dishes, bathed him and read to him so I could get some more work done...yay!! ;)

Loving: Jackson does NOT go to sleep sweetly...he hates to sleep and will do whatever he can to avoid it. So tonight, he went to sleep quickly and quietly...very rare! So happy though. 

Thinking: Jackson is having ear surgery tomorrow. He's getting tubes because he has had recurrent ear infections. I feel so bad for him! I hate ear infections, they're the worst. And as a parent, you really can't do anything to help them other than some numbing drops and antibiotics. It's so sad...I'm praying that his new tubes will solve the problem and he will be all better real soon! All prayers are welcome!! I know it's a pretty routine procedure but I'm a mom, I worry!

Wanting: OK so this currently seems to be all about my 9 month!!! He is kinda taking up every aspect of my life right now. Because of his ear infections he hasn't been sleeping through the night and he has slept through the night since 7 weeks it's been rough. I feel so bad for those parents who have kids who never sleep through the night. It's EXHAUSTING! I'm crossing my fingers that these tubes do the trick so we can get my little boy back on his awesome, sleeping through the night routine. 

Needing: Alright so I think I'm taking the longest route to move in to my house. If you follow my blog you know I moved back in March...well...things are still not where they should be. It's been tough because we did a lot of painting and redid some floors and the baby got sick with ear organizing and decorating has been put on hold. However, I really need to get my booty in gear so that this summer doesn't slip away from me before I know it. I've set some goals for myself (I'll share these later) and I'm trying to organize my office so that I have a nice, cozy and inspiring place to work/blog/read/regroup/create, etc. I found some AWESOME Pinterest inspiration:

I'm going for somewhere in between these two pins...organized but girly. We shall see...gosh I love Pinterest...what did we do before Pinterest??!

Tips, Tricks and Hints:  Make products that you would LOVE for your own room. I found that if I wasn't really excited about something, it didn't come out that great. My best selling unit has been my "Magnet Mania" unit because I was really excited about jazzing up boring old magnets for my kids. My district had a crummy science curriculum and I spent a lot of time making my own unit and it was really easy to make and has done really well on TPT. If you aren't excited about it, don't waste your time!!

Alright ladies...stay tuned because I might have a freebie tomorrow...we shall see. Make sure you go back to Oh Boy 4th Grade and check out some more "Currentlys". Prayers for my baby if you can!! Night night!


  1. Hi Dixie! I am so glad I came across your blog from this month's currently. This is also my first time taking part. I have had my blog for over a year and the last year just got too crazy that I was not able to keep up, so I am hoping to get myself rolling this summer. I am sorry about your little guy! It is not fun when they are not well, you feel horrible that there is nothing you can do to make it better. I hope everything goes well! I also am working on organizing and setting up an office space. Our dining room table has doubled as both. I spent a good chunk of the day look on craig's list and the internet for desks.


  2. We go tomorrow to check on ear tubes for one of my girls. I have 4 year old twin girls, and ear infections ARE NO FUN! I hate hearing the doctor look in the ear and say "whoa." Worst feeling ever as a part :( And the absolute worst part, I agree, is not being able to do anything really. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow! I'm your newest follower :)


  3. I totally've got to put a little love into your products! Sending positive thoughts your way for your little sweetie's surgery tomorrow :)

    The Littlest Scholars

  4. Poor baby with all those ear infections! Keagan has had a few (allergy related), and they suck. I hope the tubes help!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  5. Awe, my lil man had tubes around 18 months. I only wish it had been recommended earlier! He has had them about 6 months and no ear infections! Yay!

    Also, I LOVE your office ideas. I would also love to have an office once our basement is finished. Cute, cute blog :)

    Sarah from Third grade Skinny