Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It with a freebie!

Hey Y'all! Alright so this weekend my husband and I had friends over to our new house for the first time. So of course, all day Saturday I was working like a madwoman cleaning everything, organizing and decorating. The walls were the last thing we had to do so I took a nice shopping trip to Michael's to grab some frames. I was inspired by some pics I saw on Pinterest (aren't we all?) and I wanted to make a photo frame collage. I had a smorgasbord of other stuff that didn't really fit anywhere so I decided that the photo collage was the best way to get it all out there in a cute way.

I printed out black and white photos from my camera, laid the frames out on my dining room table a few different ways and this is what I came up:

The colors in my living room are camel, white, brown and red. All in all, I was happy with the way it turned out! I love that I can always add to it or change things out when I come across good finds. :)

I also made a little "Get Well Goody Bag" for my nephew Waylon. I found out late last night that he has the chicken pox!! Poor little guy. Well, he isn't really little anymore, he is going to be a 4th grader this year! I cannot believe it. Anywho, when I found out he had the pox and was going to stay at my mom's house this week I decided to bring him some goodies. 

I ran to Target (because Target is AMAZING of course) and I went straight to the dollar bins. I found some fun stuff he can annoy my mom with little spinner things, sidewalk chalk, pencils, pens, a notebook, multiplication dry erase workbook and Brain Quest for 4th graders. I LOOOOVED Brain Quest when I was a little kid, remember that? I don't know how much he will like that, he's not as much of a nerd as his aunt Dixie is, but I'm hoping it kept him entertained. I figured it was better than TV or staring at his iTouch all day.

Oh and I also bought him a cute little lunch sack that I put it all in, as well as a chocolate shake and cinnamon rolls from McDonald's. All in all, I think I did good. He was a happy boy! :)

Now for the freebie I promised!! This is a cute little science notebook cover you can print and use in your classroom. We always used science notebooks in my room. I had my kids use those composition notebooks, just cut out the label, write their name on it and glue it on. You can also laminate them and have a parent volunteer tape them on  if you want. Or print out the label, copy onto white paper and use it to make mini notebooks for whatever unit you're teaching in science. You can pick the file up here.

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