Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back from Bama and Back to School!

Hey Y'all! We are back from our trip to Alabama. We try to go once or twice a year. This year we went to celebrate my grandparents 60th anniversary. My grandparents are pretty much my favorite people in the whole wide world. I love them SOOO much! 

They had the best time with Jackson. He was definitely the center of attention the entire trip. Daddy and I were really proud of him, he was amazing on the airplane! He pretty much slept the entire flight. YAY!

We sat next to a lovely woman who knew some relatives of mine in Huntsville. She was so sweet! She kept talking about how cute Jackson was and offered to hold him so we could settle in. Well...turns out he liked her A LOT. He ended up falling asleep on her and slept the whole flight. It was kind of amazing. She isn't a Grandma yet, but she'll be a great one day!

Here's a pic of my Gigi and Grandaddy! Aren't they PRECIOUS!!? They've been married 60 years! How awesome is that?! 

So the title of this post is a little misleading, considering the fact that I am actually not going back to school...but my friends are! If you follow my blog you know I resigned in May to stay home with my 9 month old son Jackson. I'm continuing my blog and TPT store as a way to let the hardcore teacher in me have a creative outlet. I'm thinking of looking for mother's day out or nursery school type programs to work at part time, that way I can teach and Jackson can do what he does best...PLAY! Anyway...back to the point...

My good friends at my old school are starting back Tuesday. Well, Tuesday all the teachers have to be back and the kids come the following week. Crazy right!? I taught at a year round school, so summers were usually about 6 weeks or so. I really enjoyed the schedule because we got an awesome and much needed break in October. 

Back to the good friend Hannah asked me to create some Dr. Seuss style printables for her classroom and like a good friend I did my best! I've created her a set of ABC posters, number posters, desk tags, transportation sign and shape posters. I had my mother-in-law watch little Jackson for a couple of hours so I could go help her setup her room. (I'm going to teach vicariously through her this year...she doesn't know that yet...unless she is reading this post, which she probably is because she is such a good friend! Right Hannah?) ;)

Here's a pic of the number posters I made for her:

I told her we have to do something about her green calendar...just doesn't go anymore! (This is why teachers are always broke, particularly at the beginning of the year!! I definitely won't miss the broke part, but will miss the excitement of NEW stuff!)

Here's little Miss Hannah with her monster glue gun. I cut off the bottom of the picture because it made her look like she was a teaching material hoarder...which she kind of is, but I'm pretty sure that just means she is a really amazing teacher. (I was actually a super hoarder, I don't even want to begin to tell you how many boxes of teaching stuff I am storing in my's ridiculous!!)

I need to get more pics, she has a ton of other cute stuff in her room. I made these gift tags for her as well. In second grade I would send home math fact flash cards at Meet the Teacher night and I would attach a cute little gift tag to it. These tags go with her blue/red Dr. Seuss style theme and are about the right size to glue or tie onto a pack of alphabet/number/sight word/whatever flash cards. Pick them up here if you'd like to use them! I made several sets with red/blue stripes or polka dots and I created some that say "Welcome to Kindergarten" and "Welcome back to school!" This way other grade level teachers can use them. Enjoy!

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