Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rain!! :) And don't you love the dollar bins?

Hey Ladies!! I'm feeling pretty thankful today because we are getting RAIN! YAYY!! My husband and I just sprayed nematodes in our yard for pest control and we are supposed to make sure our yard is moist. Well...keeping our yard moist is quite difficult because we live in south Texas and are under drought conditions at the moment! My husband has had to water by hand every night but we are super stoked to see some dark clouds and little water droplets falling from the sky! WOO HOO!! (I guess I don't have to do my rain dance anymore...) ;) 

Alright so this is not my "back to school" hectic time, but it is my friend's! I helped her setup her number line and brought some cute Dr. Seuss flashcards for her kids back to school gifts. They were $1 each at Target...and I actually got a few free. Target was having a promotion going. Yay! I love free. :)

Check out all the Dr. Seuss stuff in the Target dollar bins!

Here's a pic of the transportation signs I made for her. I'll be updating my Dr. Seuss classroom decor pack with these cute little signs:

And the shapes posters...(color posters are on my list!)

I've had a lot of Texas teachers emailing me about TEKS cards with different designs so I need to go get to work! Y'all have a good one!


  1. I'm in SW Kansas and I don't think its as dry here as it is for you - but it's pretty dry - However rain today! Yeah! We sure appreciate it, don't we?

  2. where can I find your Dr.Seuss pack?

    1. Hi! They are in my TPT shop listed as Dr. S Inspired Classroom Decor. :)