Monday, March 18, 2013

Division Flip Book and 7 Habits Craftivity!

Hello All!

I don't know how familiar you are with the 7 habits/Leader in Me curriculum, but our school is in training to be a lighthouse school. It's a great program and it has been very helpful for our campus. I just gave a presentation on using data notebooks in the classroom. I will share my data notebooks here on my blog later this week. For now, I wanted to share how I'm connecting our curriculum with the Leader in Me/7 Habits curriculum.

We just introduced simple division to my second graders. Division, like subtraction is much harder for them than addition/multiplication. We are trying to expose our students to more word problem solving strategies. Our class did several division word problems together, using manipulatives. I then let students work in pairs to complete word problems in small groups. Then I gave them this division flip book to complete independently.

To make the division flip book, I had a parent volunteer fold large, white pieces of construction paper to make 4 flaps. The top flaps are a little bigger to include the "My Division Flip Book" title. The children chose between the regular problems or challenge problems. I modeled how to cut out the title and headers as well as problems. The kiddos cut these out on their own, then solved the problems showing their answer with a picture and number sentence. It was pretty easy for them and I was pleased with their work. You can view a copy of the division flipbook in my TPT store. All the activities I am posting today are totally FREE. I am using my TPT store, Google Docs is giving me trouble right now.

This is a picture of the outside of the flip book.

When you open it, each side has a number sentence and picture section.

I also created a "Think Win-Win" craftivity to connect our 7 habits curriculum with division. We did this activity after we read The Doorbell Rang and practied dividing 12 cookies into groups. I let my kids pick the total number of cookies (for differentiation) but asked them to divide the number by 2. Below you will see a finished copy of the work one of my student's completed. You can also pick up a sample of the activity here.

I also just added a "Leader in Me" style classroom attendance goal system. When we get 97% attendance (that is our school wide goal) then we earn a letter and get to put our sign on the front of our door. When we spell "LEADERS" we get a special treat! Yay! The kids are really taking ownership of their attendance and they are really proud of their hard work. So far, we have "L-E-A-D". :) You can pick up a copy of the letters and signs I made here. I included color and black and white.

Alrighty, I better head out to get the baby. We are also in the moving process, so it's CRAZY at our house right now. Happy Monday!