Monday, July 22, 2013

Easy Peasy Back to School Math Station

Hey Friends!! I am working hard on some requests I've gotten for TEKS cards. I feel like I know every single TEK for K-5 like the back of my hand...funny! (For those non-Texans out there, the TEKS are our standards. For some reason, we decided to be one of the very few states that did not adopt common core.) 

While I was working on these, I took a break to brainstorm some back to school math stations. I remember thinking when I moved to second, "What do I put out at the VERY beginning of the year...second graders are more independent than firsties and kinders but what SHOULD they already know?" 

So I learned quickly that mastering the basic math facts and ten frame knowledge is a big deal at the beginning of second. Many of them need that review from first. I'm in the process of making a unit with back to school math stations just for little "seconds" and I came up with this diddy. 

Most second graders will find this easy peasy. It's a simple survey that they can use to ask their new friends questions. The bottom portion has some pretty basic questions for the kids to answer about their data. I included a question about the "difference" between two categories. The word "difference" always stumped my kids! Not only will this serve as an introduction/review of data analysis but it will double as a little ice breaker activity. 

I made two: colors and subjects. I'll include more in my upcoming math stations packet. Here's a freebie that you can put in your math stations at the beginning of the year, use as an ice breaker or store and take it out during your data unit later in the year. Pick it up here.

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