Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday, Sale and Give-A-Way!

It's that time again! Five for Friday! 

I've had a busy week at home with little Jackson, getting the house in order and working on some products. 

1 My good friend Hannah asked me to make her a set of Dr. Seuss ABC/number posters. I'm using blue and red with different patterns: polka dot, zig zag and chevron. So far, so good! We're doing red vowels and blue consonants. I'll help her get these up in her classroom when school starts in July. I'm thinking I'll add some sight words, shapes and colors as well. Here's a pic of what they look like so far:

We can't decide which ones we like best, so I'm just making a set with all patterns and we are thinking of mixing and matching the shape, number and alphabet posters. 
2. I got a present from the hubby! He ordered me an adorable necklace on Etsy. It has my son's name, footprints, a heart and his birthstone. LOVE!! (I may have given him a FEW hints here and there...)

3. I got a STEAL on some toys at a resale shop. Ok, normally I don't go to kids' resale shops,  well I haven't since I was a kid and my mom dragged me there! But my son is 9 months old and growing by leaps and bounds...he's my first so I don't have a stockpile of toys handy. He is very very active and in order for me to work online or on the house while he is awake, I need this guy to be busy! I don't let him watch TV other than maybe a Baby Einstein video here and there for 20 minutes, that is only if Mommy is about to lose her mind and has no other option!!! 

Since I resigned, our budget is much tighter so I gave in and went to a resale shop looking for more toys to keep this guy busy. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The toys were really nice and clean and you couldn't even tell they were used already. I got all the toys below for about...$25? Yah! The little dog in the picture is still available at Target, he is about $20 new...take that Fisher Price! ;)

4. Also, Jackson is getting to be more and more fun! He is mimicking everything we do! I'm going to have to do a little mommy bragging now, I just love my baby so much! All you moms out there know what I'm talking about! Here is a nice pic of him sticking his tongue out at me (I was doing that to him):

I just realized this might look weird because he is sitting in a laundry basket! Ha! He loves that thing!

And here he is eating lunch. He is starting to feed himself, making a mess...but that's alright. Big boy!

And my favorite...a pic of Daddy and Jackson reading. This kid LOVES books. Seriously, he will go to books before toys. *Proud Momma*

5. And last but not least, I found this adorable dress and HAD to buy it!! It's on its way home to me right now! I'll take this when we go visit family in Alabama next week. Woo hoo!! I found this at an online boutique my friend told me about. 

Oh and before I forget, I'm throwing an early Fourth of July sale on TPT! Make sure you stop by and take a look. Don't forget about my Give-A-Way! It ends July 3! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin and enter the Give-A-Way!

And that's a wrap!! Hope y'all have a fantastic Friday!!

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