Sunday, March 2, 2014

Centers Sunday #7

Hey friends!! It's Sunday!! You know what that means? Centers Sunday!! It's 11:11 pm and I'm just now posting them, sorry y'all! It's been a crazy busy day but I still managed to get them done for you. Here's what I've got for ya...

Kinder: Word Families

This center is pretty easy. Kids sort the cards according to their word families. You can put the header cards on a table or in a pocket chart. You can pick this file up here.

First grade: Even or Odd

This game can be played in pairs or independently to review even and odd. You can pick this file up here.

Second Grade: Standard form, expanded form and word form

For this center, laminate the puzzles and cut them out. To make them self checking, use a permanent marker to create a code on the back of the puzzles so students know that they completed the puzzles correctly. The practice page doesn't correlate with the puzzles but is an extension for them to do independently. You can pick this file up here.

I'm working on a second grade St. Patrick's Day math unit, if you teach second let me know what you'd like to see! Here's a peek at my first grade packet that I finished today. It's on sale until tomorrow night. You can see the details of this file here.

I hope y'all enjoy these!! :)

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  1. Thank you so much Dixie for your weekly freebies! I use the K centers with my daughter at home and the 1st/2nd grade ones in my classroom! Love them all!

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