Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leader in Me Ideas, Thin Mints Should Not Be Called Thin, St. Patrick's Day Math, a HUGE sale and PUPPIES!!

I think I win the award for most random blog post title ever... :)

I hope you are having a fantastic week and that your children are being little angels for you! I wanted to share what I've been up to (besides being way pregnant and eating thin mints). 

Monday I visited my kinder friends' room to work with some of their kids and help take down some bulletin boards. I saw some really cute "Leader in Me" ideas. (If you're not familiar with The Leader in Me curriculum, it's all about goal setting and following through.) My friend Hannah asked me to make her the kindergarten TEKS (Texas standards) cards with small visuals last year and of course I did it for her. I began the TEKS cards by making the second grade set for my own room and then I got so many requests I ended up spending hours and hours and days and days making them for all the other grade levels...and of course visuals for kinder. I'm not complaining at all because I love helping other teachers...but I will's not the most fun in the world... Luckily for Hannah, I love her and was more than happy to help. I love the way she posted them. (All of my photos have a St. Patrick's Day background today...I'm in the spirit y'all!)

I also saw this little gem. LOVE! She's so clever!

Here's an up close view.

Monday I went home from school with a box of thin mints. UGH. Now, before I complain about them I want you all to know that I do realize I'm an adult and I am not the cookie monster. I should have the self-control to eat only 1 serving of cookies, right? Well.....let's just blame it on being 33 weeks pregnant (because that makes me feel better) but I totally, TOTALLY do not have that kind of will power or self-control right now. It's bad. The box is gone, it's no longer in my home...but I will not confess to the amount of servings I had before the box was removed from the premises...*shame*. 

So I decided that enough is enough! I know I'm pregnant and I'm supposed to eat a little more than usual and gain weight. But I don't think extra calories from sweets (which is my biggest weakness right now) is going to be the most beneficial for my baby. I should be eating more of the good stuff: veggies, fruit, etc. 

I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest (where else?!) and thought it was very appropriate for what I need to do. (I would link back to the pin but the pin is only a JPEG, no site.) I need to get out of the habit of eating sweets and giving in every time I see a cookie, piece of candy, etc. This will not only be good for me and the baby now but also for when the baby is here and I'd like to not look like a pregnant girl any more. 

I read that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So the idea is to stick 21 sticky notes to a door frame so you can take them off one at a time as you work towards your goal. I lined the doorway to my bedroom with the sticky notes at 5:30 this morning before I left for work. My husband didn't know what I was doing and was probably thinking I had lost my mind... :)

I love this idea because it can apply to anyone about any topic. You can use it to motivate you to get to the gym or use it with your classroom. It can also be used with a  student who needs a little extra help accomplishing a goal. Now...let's see if this keeps me away from those darn cookies!!! 

Alrighty, no more cookie talk! I am thrilled to finally be finished with my kinder St. Patrick's Day math unit. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

We played the "Roll and Color 1 More" game today in small group. 

Most of the kids didn't need the counters but a few did. Sorry about this photo, I took it upside down! :) You can see the file here. It's going to be on sale until Friday! Which leads me to the HUGE sale portion on this post...

I'm very excited to be a part of this huge sale!! :) Everything in my store will be 28% off starting tomorrow and ending Friday at midnight. Today everything is 20% off. I have a TON of clip art I'm looking forward to buying tomorrow! Yay!! 

And last but not least...PUPPIES!! My step dad's client's dog had puppies. There were 9 and now there are 6 left that need a good home. If you're in the San Antonio area and you are interested send me an email and I can get you the contact information. They are adorable little guys! They are mixed breed, I really don't know what they have in them but the owner of the mom can tell you more about her. 

Have a great evening y'all! 

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