Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alphabet Cards for Small Group! {Shhh! A little freebie!}

Hi friends!! I wanted to share these cute alphabet cards I created to use with Jackson and Hank. (I also created them for my friend Hannah's kinder kids.) Hannah and I were sharing ideas on how we could use them with their kids and I got excited, so I had to share.

Initially I thought these would be great for Jackson because they are small and portable. After I laminated them I cut them out, hole punched them and added them to a ring. If your students have book boxes, they can keep a ring of alphabet cards in their book boxes for independent reading. These cards are great for Jackson because they are a review of our big book plus two extra words that are not in the big book. I'm teaching him how to go through the kids by saying, "E, eh, elephant...etc". This is great reinforcement of the letters he's learned as well as a fluency and vocabulary activity. 

Hannah was sharing that she could use them as a small group warm up for her struggling kinder kids. She liked the idea of adding the letters the kids didn't know to a ring and then taking them off as they mastered them. She also likes the idea of having them at her guided reading table to use in her tabletop pocket chart. 

I also thought these cards could be used for simple memory games. Either create double sets of the cards and have kids play "Letter C Memory" or mix and match cards with other sets to play a more complicated memory game in which the students have to match up pictures that begin with the same sound. 

I've been working like a mad woman trying to get Units A-M posted before Baby Brandon arrives. So far it's been taking me about 3 days a unit. I have 7 units left, that's 21 days and Brandon is due April 20th! Ah! Crunch time!! I was hoping to get the units done so that I would have them ready for Jackson, but I'll just do my best and hope that Brandon is a VERY good baby!! :)

Each unit in my "I'm Learning My Letters" packs will have a set of alphabet cards to use. I just posted unit F tonight, so that unit and the entire bundle is on sale for 24 hours. If you'd like to use a set of these cards, I'm posting the letter A cards for my blog readers here. Y'all can download them for free and use them if you'd like! Thanks for being a reader!! I'm SO tired it isn't even funny so I'm going to hit the hay early tonight. Night y'all!!

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