Sunday, March 16, 2014

Centers Sunday #9 {Free K-2 Centers}

Hi friends!! I'm bringing you a special edition of Centers Sunday today. I had some special requests to create reading passages. I haven't written too many passages but I actually enjoyed creating these and I am excited because I can use them with my second grade group on Monday! Yay! :)

I created passages for first and second grade that are St. Patrick's day themed. For kinder, I created an emergent reader booklet. Here we go:


To make the booklets just print, cut in half and staple on the left. You can pick this file up here.

First Grade

I know with primary students it is very hard to get them to refer back to the text when answering questions. It definitely takes some practice. With this passage I specifically asked students to go back to the passage to highlight their answer and then circle the answer. You can have students use highlighters, markers or crayons to find their answer in the text. You can pick the file up here. This passage is written at a Lexile level of 250. 

For second grade I created a passage at a Lexile level of 450.The students follow the same procedure as the first grade passage. They read the passage, read the questions, highlight where they found their answer and circle their answer choice.

You can pick the second grade file up here.

I hope y'all can use these in your classrooms this week! The rest of my day Sunday I will spend at church, at a St. Patrick's Day party and then home to work on the finishing touches of Jackson's fundraiser! I'm hoping to get the fundraiser active by Monday! :) Have a great week!!

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  1. Thanks so much for these! My second graders need lots of practice citing "text evidence!"
    May your day be lucky and very "green!"