Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend fun, the letter D and a fabulous freebie!

This weekend I went to Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas with some friends. My friend Laura (on the left in the pic below) was SUPER pregnant! I mean literally due within days. She actually just had her baby this Monday morning!! How exciting is that? 

Wurstfest is a ton of fun, great food and lots of people. I'm 16 weeks pregnant (that's me on the right side in my UT shirt and scarf) so there was no beer tasting for me, just food, food, food!! I had a dusseldog, potato chips, roasted corn and half of a funnel cake. Yah...being pregnant at Wurstfest is super yummy!!!

Here's a pic of us hanging out:

...and a friend I made! My birthday was November 1. My friends thought it was funny that this man had a birthday cake hat. Wearing silly hats is a thing at Wurstfest.

Sunday I taught Sunday school and brought a shoe box full of gifts for a charity our church was putting on. It's called "Operation Christmas Child", the charity has a website that you can visit if you're interested in putting this on at your school or church: 

First you pick if you want to buy for a boy or girl and you pick their age. I picked a 2-4 year old boy. Here's a pic of the goodies I put in my shoe box:

 Under the toys I put some sketch pads, crayons, coloring books and an alphabet workbook. My shoe box was overloading a bit but I made it work! :)

Later that day I went to tutor my nephew Hank. We are working on concepts of print, sight words and lowercase letters. First we traced the capital and lowercase Ds and then use Do-A-Dot markers to fill in the large Ds.

Then Hank circled the pictures that start with the D sound and circled the capital and lowercase Ds.

Then Hank and I read his "little D" book. He used his dot marker to highlight the lowercase ds.

 Then we reviewed our popcorn words.

Then we practiced highlighting words in different colors. He loved this part!!

Now for the freebie! This is another version of my "Gobble, Gobble" game. Instead of ABCs, this game is numbers 0-20. The directions are in the file. You can pick it up here in Google Docs.

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun. Congratulations on being pregnant. I would have never known.


  2. Saw you on Manic Mondays. The Gobble numbers look so cute!

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