Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Discovery Bottle and Counting to 100 by ones and tens!

A few years ago when I taught kindergarten I had a lot of special friends. I was the inclusion teacher and I had several children with sensory and behavioral issues. One year I made a huge batch of discovery bottles for one of my students who had a very hard time controlling his emotions. The bottles calmed him down and helped him regroup. 

Well...looks like those discovery bottles are going to come to my rescue again! This time for my 1 year old. My little newbie toddler has been feeling under the weather and just plain crabby. He's got a runny nose, no fever, but I can tell he is just feeling yucky. He's napping right now and I just finished making him a discovery bottle. I'm hoping if he's fussy when he wakes up this will be a nice surprise!! I was reminded of the awesomeness of discovery bottles when I was browsing through Pinterest and found the site: Hands on as We Grow. Such amazing ideas for toddlers and preschoolers!!

I started with an empty Gatorade bottle. I wanted a wide opening and this bottle was perfect. I put some water, dish soap and red food coloring and shook it up.

Then I added red glitter, red paper clips and some red pom poms. I decided midway through making this that this would be his "red" discovery bottle. I'll make him a blue one next so we can start learning our colors! :)

I wish I had some red duck tape but...the mustache will have to do! This tape was from his mustache bash party. :)

Now let's all say a little prayer that Jackson is a happy camper with his new discovery bottle! (And that the duck tape is incredibly awesome and does not let any red, soapy water squirt out while Jack is playing with it!) 

Also, I finished a unit on counting to 100 by ones and tens! I made this for some kinder friends of mine. The file is on sale until Thursday. I'm also giving away a copy of it on my Facebook fan page! Leave a comment on the post this evening and I'll pick a winner late tonight. 



  1. How did Jackson love his Discovery Bottle when he woke up? I know it has been over a week so I hope he is on the mend!

    1. Hey Melanie!! He loved it for like an hour. Lol he is over it but I'm gonna keep trying.