Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tutoring Printables & Facebook Freebies

Hello everyone! I hope y'all are enjoying your weekend. This weekend I am dedicating totally to work...sounds like a bummer but good thing I love what I do!! :) I usually work during the weekdays like normal people but Jackson has been sick so I've been on mommy duty all day every day. 

I did have time to meet with my tutoring groups this week. With my nephew we worked on sight words and CVC words. I made him some simple sight word puzzles for review. He's only 3 so the more simple the better! These puzzles might work for you either as a small group game or send home enrichment. You can pick them up here. Most of the words are taken from the Dolch Preprimer word list. I'll be adding to them as we work through the list. I cannot offer you a blank copy because it breaks the copyright policy of the clip art designer who created the puzzles. Sorry! 

With my kinders we also reviewed sight words. We used my February sight word pages.

With my second graders we reviewed based words and inflectional endings. I created an assessment page for them. You can pick the page up here.

I've also added two new Facebook Fans Freebies. You can pick them up on my Facebook page.

Now the rest of the weekend is seriously devoted to finishing my 2nd grade social studies notebook project. It is a huge undertaking and I cannot wait to get it posted! Thank God Jackson's God parents are going to take care of him today so Mommy can work and Daddy can get in the yard. Woo hoo! :) Funny the things you get excited about once you've become a parent! HA! Enjoy your weekend and make sure to come back tomorrow for Centers Sunday #6!

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