Sunday, February 2, 2014

Centers Sunday #3! {Free K-2 Centers}

Hi friends!! I'm sorry for posting this kind of late...I had a very cranky toddler that made it difficult to get work done. But now little one is fast asleep and I can share these centers with you. I made the centers Groundhog Day themed. Today is Groundhog Day...and I hear Phil saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter. You may have already taught some Groundhog Day lessons in your classroom or you may be planning on doing them sometime this week. Either way the kids are more than likely familiar with this cute little critter and I'm hoping they will enjoy these centers. we go!

Kinder: Word Families

For this center, students lay out the header cards, read the words and decide which word family they belong in and record. You can pick that file up here.

First Grade: Counting Coins

Students count the amount of coins and match the amount to a groundhog. Recording sheet is half a page. You can pick that file up here.

Second Grade: Addition With and Without Regrouping 

Students read an addition problem, sort it according to whether you have to regroup or not and then record and solve. You can pick that file up here.

I hope you can use these centers!! I am off to bed early, this third trimester is really taking a toll on me! Night y'all!