Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chevron 120 Charts Freebie!

Hey Y'all!! Last year my school went through some trainings over the new math TEKS that Texas put out last year. I know most of y'all do Common Core, but Texas has their own standards. I know I talk about that a lot! So if you follow me, you know this already. 

Anywho, last year we learned that in kinder, first and second the magic number was no longer 100 (as far as composing and decomposing numbers) it was 120. They found that many kids were able to count to 100 but had no idea where to go after that and we needed our kids to have a better understanding of place value beyond 100. 

Last year I made some cute 100s chart with stripes and polka dots, but to keep up with the times I've updated my charts to 120 and added the pattern of the summer {CHEVRON!!} to the background. :) 

You can download them from Google Docs here or grab them from my TPT store here. How do y'all use the 120s chart in your classroom??


  1. Cute 100's chart! Love the chevron! I responded on my page but wasn't sure if you'd get notified! I'm glad I found your page!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  2. Thanks for the 120's charts:). It is hard for my firsties to make that transition. Doodlebugs teaching has 2 great packets for working with numbers up to 120 that I use:).

    The Resourceful Apple