Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It: Pretty Pretty Goal Board

Hey Friends!! Let me just start this blog post by saying I am NOT Little Miss Crafty or DIY. But...lucky for me, they have some amazing stuff at craft stores nowadays. If you follow my blog you know I'm in a new home and decorating slowly, a room at a time. We moved from a 1200 sq foot home to almost 3,000 sq feet. BIG difference! We realized quickly how we had so much old stuff from college that we really needed to buy new furnishings for our "big boy" house. I quickly realized how expensive it can be to refurnish and decorate a 3,000 sq foot home! EEK! So...we're taking it slow, one room at a time.

My living, kitchen and baby's room are pretty much finished. I am now working on the office. I posted a pic a few months ago of that office chaos...not pretty. It's slowly coming together. The first thing I wanted to put up on my huge, empty wall (see pic) is a board with my goals.

I'm a huge 7 habits fan/Tony Robbins fan. I really try to set goals for myself: personal, health and professional goals. I feel like it really helps motivate me and push me to be a better, more well rounded person. I started doing it in my classroom since our school is a 7 habits school and I have brought it home to my new "job". I made little calendars for myself with my goals and my plan of action for each goal. See below...

But I needed somewhere to put these goals. And I wanted something PRETTY! Pretty matters, right?! I asked my friend Hannah to come with me and we took a trip to Hobby Lobby. I LOVE THAT PLACE! They have the cutest decor items and most of the time things are 50% off. Woo hoo! Here's what I found...

Perfect!! But not quite "pretty" enough. I wasn't sure how I wanted to decorate this but I knew I wanted it to say "Goals" somewhere. This is going to be the focal point of my blank wall and  I want to look at it all the time to motivate me. I found a great coupon for Joann crafts this Sunday and hopped on over there to see what I could find to add some pretty to my board.

Low and behold they make punch out buntings and letters in premade packs!! Perfect for what I needed. This packet was by a company called Heidi Grace. I got both packs on sale, thank you very much! I also bought some ribbon and cute mini clothespins. My office colors are going to be white/orange/cream/browns, like a brighter version of fall. (This color scheme stems from the fact that I am a University of Texas grad and have many longhorn frames/paintings/etc that I'd like to put up, and my husband is an A&M grad. He has many maroon I figured fall hues would work in there but added white to make it happy and bright. So our office is actually our office/college memories room!) :)

Here's a pic of my loot from Joanns...

I punched out some buntings and the letters were actually stickers to my delightful surprise. I didn't read the package thoroughly but was pleasantly surprised I wouldn't have to punch out or glue. Yay!

Then I laced some ribbon through the holes at the top and use clothespins to hang it on the top of the board. To get the clothespins to stick I actually used double sided tape. How awesome is that? This way I can move things around if I need to and won't mess up the board.

Once the banner was hung, I added three little clothespins and taped on three little flowers that came with the set. Presh!! Here's a pic of the board with my goals on it.

I did have to shrink my goal pages down a little bit to get them to fit, but it worked out well! Now I just need to get the hubby to hang it up for me. Next week I'm hoping to have that whole blank wall decorated. What do y'all think of my board? ;) 

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  1. Looks really cute - I love the colors in the Goals sign!

    What fun to decorate a new house!