Monday, August 26, 2013

Sentence Stems for Science and Math {Freebie!}

Hey friends!!

I know I haven't posted in over a week...eek! Sorry! I've been swamped! I know y'all probably are too with it being the BUSIEST time of the year for teachers...crazy crazy! I'm very busy working every free second I get on fulfilling requests from different teachers and also working on packets I've been putting together for weeks. 

My biggest packet is a science notebook unit for second graders in Texas. Sorry Common Core friends, not that I don't love you, but poor Texas teachers kind of feel left out since we don't do Common Core. We have the TEKS, which are fine, they work just as well...they are just different. You know us Texans...we have to stand out! ;)

When I moved to second a few years ago, I was a little disappointed in my district's science was well...just not great. I found a ton of resources on TpT of course, but they didn't always exactly match the TEKS standard so I would have to tweak things to make them "Texas Style". light of all this, I decided to combine everything I've made and done with my students' science notebooks into a huge resource for other Texas teachers looking for some fun, engaging stuff to do during science. It's taking me a LONG time to get it all together. I mean a LONG time...just so much to put in there. But it's going to be amazing, I'm very excited. :)

Anyways I thought these little "sharing stems" as I'm calling them would be a great freebie for y'all since I've been MIA the last week. These stems can be used when students are sharing what they've learned during science investigations or in math activities. Here's a pic of the stems run on cardstock and kept together with a brass fastener. To make them more kid friendly I called them "Sharing Stems". 

To keep them in science notebooks I created little pockets that the kids can label. Above the pocket I have an "I can" statement with the TEKS. You can pick the file up here.

Ok back to work. I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday! :)

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