Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston

I feel like the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary happened just yesterday. Now, another tragedy strikes our nation. Words cannot express how much it saddens me to see such senseless acts of hate. So many innocent lives have been affected today. So many people have been hurt, some even killed today. 

When I heard that one of the victims was an 8 year old boy, I couldn't handle it. I'm a second grade teacher. My students are 8 years old. They are innocent and beautiful. I'm also a mother and I cannot imagine what that child's mother is going through right now. Please say a prayer for the people of Boston, for the victims, for the families of the victims and for everyone working to protect and save the lives of the innocent. I'm going to hug my baby boy a little tighter tonight and thank the Lord for taking care of me and keeping my family safe. 

If you want to leave your thoughts or join in for some prayers, you are welcome to. God Bless   You All!

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  1. I feel the same way. It was bad enough just feeling safe again and then another tragedy happened, but to hear one of the victims was 8...I teach third grade and have an almost 8 year old son....heart is heavy again...

    Third Grade All Stars