Monday, October 28, 2013

Yummy Halloween Treats, The Letter C and Sight Word Puzzles

Hey friends! We had an amazingly busy, but fun, weekend. Saturday we went to two Halloween parties. One was a Halloween party/Longhorn game watching party. The game ended up being delayed because of weather but we had fun anyway! Here's a pic of Jackson and I in our pirate getup:

I made some Halloween chex mix for the party. I kind of made up my own mix based on what I could find at the store. The mix was made up of 2 cups corn Chex, 1/4 cup raisins, 1/4 cup caramel bits, 1/2 pretzels and a 1/2 cup candy corn. I mixed all that with melted white chocolate and got some yummy treats. I placed them on a Halloween dish in cupcake wrappers. Here's a pic of my crafty concoction:

Later that night we went to my husband's cousin's Halloween baby shower. It was so much fun but it was late and Jackson was tired, so we didn't get to play as much. It was more cranky, tired baby control for me. He hung in there though. :)

Sunday mornings I co-teach a first grade  Sunday school class at our church. We learned about how God made food for the Israelites by sending them quail and turning manna into bread. Then we got to make our own food and thank God for our yummy treat! My co-teacher made some yummy sugar cookies and we let the kids ice them and decorate them.

We let them decorate the cover of their Bible verses book and one of the kids did this:

The jack-o-lantern says, "In God even us pumpkins trust." How cute is that?! 

Sunday afternoon I went to tutor my nephew Hank. We worked on the letter C and the sight word "go". Hank is almost 3, so he is still really young and hasn't had many of the early experiences that aid in comprehension but he is very bright and ready to grow as an early reader. 

We worked on our letter C page by using "Do a Dot" markers I bought at Lakeshore. He LOVED this because they were easy for him to hold and not as strenuous as tearing paper. He then identified pictures that began with the C sound and identified capital and lower case Cs. We also read a little C book. I'm working on 1:1 correspondence with him as well as using the picture as a guide for decoding unknown words. 

I brought a big book that I created for him. I am doing a mini version of the shared reading with a big book that I used to do with my kinder kids. We did a picture walk, discussed what the book would be about, what he knew about Halloween (prior knowledge) and I modeled using a pointer to point to my words as I read. 

Hank REALLY wanted to use the pointer so of course I let him. We practiced reading it together and he pointed to the words as we read. Then he got a smaller version of the story in black and white and used the "Do a Dot" marker to "butter up" his popcorn word "go". This little book will be added to his book box so he can read the books to his mom, dad, brother or sister. 

We have learned about 3 sight words so far, but still need a lot of repetition for him to master them. I'm going to make a modified version of my sight word puzzles to practice with him. In my sight word puzzles pack, the kids work on 8 words per page. I'll modify his to make it four or five. Here's a sample of how the puzzles work:

Easy enough for little ones but a great way to reinforce sight word recognition and spelling. My old district came up with their own sight word lists for K-2 using the building blocks and four blocks curriculum but didn't do just straight Dolch or Fry's sight word lists. What list do y'all use for sight words? District made or a standard one like Dolch's or Fry's? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear how other people do it! 

Happy Monday! 

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