Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The letter B, measuring with pumpkins and a Halloween write the room freebie

Hey friends! So my internet isn't working, apparently my modem died and AT&T is going to send me a new one. Not fun but luckily I have a super cool neighbor who is letting me borrow his wi-fi for the evening! :)

Alright, so my little nephew Hank and I have been working hard reviewing capital letters and learning lowercase letters. He is definitely the youngest child I've taught, so I'm in the learning process with him. He is very bright but he isn't even three yet, so I'm trying to make sure I'm not pushing him too far too fast. I've definitely noticed that he needs to strengthen his fine motor skills so we are going to start making letters and words out of Play Doh soon.

I'm experimenting with his ABC book, for A I let him color it in, for B I let him tear paper and glue it in the B and for the C we are going to use dot paint markers. Coloring is still kinda messy for him, tearing was way too difficult for him...I'm thinking the dot markers are going to be a nice medium because he will have to hold the marker and workout his hands but it will also leave cute dots for a nice tactile experience when rereading the page. Live and learn! Here are some pics from our last session:

Here is the "B" page. Remember he is not even 3! So he rocked it! Next time we will use the "Do a Dot" art markers I bought from Lakeshore.

Hank circled the pictures that start with B (yay phonemic awareness!) and then circled the capital and lowercase bs only.

Here we worked on the popcorn word "big". I read it to him, traced it and wrote it for him. He had to find the word big and butter it up with yellow crayon. He did a great job at that!

After we work on a word I write it on his flashcards (those are supposed to go with him in the car so we can review his popcorn words) and the yellow card is a piece of popcorn that goes in his popcorn word bag that you can see below. When I taught kinder I would give my kids those little popcorn bags to put their words in. They loved it! I think I got the bags in the Target dollar bins, but it was ages ago!

Alrighty, moving on to measuring with pumpkins!! My friend Hannah used my Halloween measuring packet to measure with pumpkins. They did this whole group on Monday. Once the kids do it together, they can then work on a similar measuring game from the packet in a math station. She said they really enjoyed it! Here are some pics:

And a freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebie! :) I've made some snazzy write the room pages to add to your literacy center or daily five time. There are two versions: 1. simple old write the room with beginning sounds or 2. write the room: nouns (for the older kids 1st or 2nd graders). 

I hope you can find use for these pages. You can pick the file up here. Alright, off to bed! ;)

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  1. Your little nephew is so smart! My 2.5 year old son doesn't even know his popcorn words! Yay for your nephew for recognizing "big" and circling pictures that start with the /b/ sound! Thank you for the freebie!