Friday, October 4, 2013

Math Journal Freebies!

Happy Friday! I had a great week teaching math to some super cute second graders. My old school is year round and they are currently on a break. During their break they offer intersession courses for students who need a little extra support. I taught second grade math. Here's what we did this week:

First, I had a ton of extra spiral journals from last year. So I gave each student one to use as a resource for mastering their math facts. Here's what they put on the cover:

On the inside cover I had them glue in a "cheat sheet" to help them remember the math facts we learned and practiced this week:

I also had them glue in a note for them and their parents:

We made pockets for each set of flashcards. I forgot to take a pic of "Don't get stuck, count up" for the doubles plus one set, but here are the doubles and sums of ten sets:

We did some fun ten frame math stations from my ten frame math stations pack. We did a ten frame scavenger hunt. I printed out sets of ten frames from 0-30 and the kids walked around the room trying to find the matching letter for each set. They loved this!

They did another math station from my ten frames pack called "Roll, Build, Add and Record" where they had to build a set using the ten frames and find the sum. 

I love these number cubes or "dice" because they are differentiated. The kids knew that the yellow cubes were a little easier than the red cubes. They were able to adjust the challenge of their game by switching cubes.

We got into a little bit of subtraction. They played a subtraction game with ten frames. This game was also differentiated. Once they mastered subtracting from 10, they then practiced using double ten frames and subtracting from 20. 

Sorry some of the pics are blurry, I got many action shots! On the final day (Thursday) we made a pocket book and sorted flashcards according to the phrase we learned to remember them by: sums of ten "Ten is my friend", doubles "Double is no trouble" and doubles plus 1 "Don't get stuck, count up". For doubles plus 1 I taught them to use the double they already knew that was close to the problem, then just count up 1. For example: for the problem 6+7 I would tell them to use the fact that they knew 6+6 is 12 and just count up 1. 

Finally, we reviewed some problem solving skills using a page from Amy Lemons' Double Digit Subtraction pack. We learned about key words for addition and subtraction in problem solving. The kids then sorted the words and glued them into the addition or subtraction sign. They glued this into their math journal. 

All in all,  a great week and I think we made some progress. I hope the kids use the journals to practice, practice, practice! Click here for a link to my ten frames math stations pack. Click here for Amy Lemons' double digit subtraction pack (where I got the problem solving key word sheet). Here is a link to the flashcards and math journal pockets I made. And finally, here's a link to the math journal cover page and inserts if you'd like to use them. Do you use math journals or notebooks in your class? I'd love to hear how other teachers use them!

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