Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All About Me Publishing Pages and Target Cartwheel

Hey ladies! As promised I have the publishing pages for the "All About Me" writing activity as promised! You can pick them up here. I always taught in an inclusion classroom and I know the importance of having differentiated writing activities. I've included three styles for you to choose from based on the ability of your students. I would probably use all 3 in my 2nd grade classroom last year. We had levels literally from A-Z in there. 

Also, I just found out that Target has a new coupon system. I am obsessed with Target...I'm sure many of you teachers out there feel the same. The system is called Target Cartwheel. You basically search for coupons for the stuff you want. I llllllllllllove it because I go there so often it saves me money on stuff I would purchase anyway. I also love that I can use my Target Red Card and get 5% off, then a cartwheel coupon and a manufacturer's coupon and save even more. It's pretty awesome...y'all need to check it out!

Tomorrow I will be posting another "All About Me" freebie, make sure you come back to grab it!

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  1. I signed up for Target Cartwheel but wasn't too sure how the whole thing worked yet. Have you used it? It sounds like an awesome thing since I too am target obsessed!

    Reaching for the TOP!