Thursday, June 6, 2013

Awesome give-a-way, my new job and organizing this mess!!

Hey ladies!! I just found this awesome summer give-a-way I joined through Rowdy in Room 300. Check it out for some awesome freebies!! :)

May was super crazy!! I think my husband and I are going for the officially longest move in ever! We moved into our home at the end of March and still have boxes to unpack and things to organize. I also had to pack up my entire classroom, I mean EVERYTHING had to be cleared out because at the end of this year I am resigning to stay at home with my baby boy. It was a hard decision because I love teaching so much, but having a child changes everything doesn't it? He is my first priority. I'm really excited about this opportunity to be with my baby but I'm going to have to get my "teaching" out through my blog, subbing and tutoring at my old school. 

Part of my new duties as full time mother and homemaker is to get this house together. I'm starting in our office. Here is what it looks like so far:

Not very impressive so far, I know. We have two large desks and a file cabinet. The caddy corner mini desk is going to have to go. We don't have need for it in this new office. My mom is going to be helping me organize this room first (that's her in the pic), so stay tuned for updates as the room comes together!

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  1. I bet it was a hard decision, but one I think you'll be glad you made. Your picture looks like the room I'm working on. I'm not making much progress on it. I guess just keep plugging away!
    Happy summer to you - Sara