Sunday, May 5, 2013

Earth Day Every Day!

Hey Y'all! Hubby is out of town and I'm going CRAZY doing the working/single mom thing. I have a newfound appreciation for my husband right now! Haha! In the classroom I've been trying to incorporate what we learned on Earth Day into other activities such as our unit on plants. I asked kids to bring in recyclable materials from home and I put out things I didn't want or need anymore. The kids came up with the CUTEST plants!! Check them out below:

This is probably my favorite! It's a Venus fly trap! How hilarious and awesome is that? My student even put a fly inside! Ha!

On Earth Day we reused materials to make our own creations. We measured the height, length and area of our creations. The kids loved this! 

 Piggy Mask


Monster Puppet

And a nice 3D gift for me! I LOVE that my kids incorporated what they learned about 3D objects in our geometry unit to make me a gift! So precious! I'm off to bed! Night y'all!

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