Friday, June 8, 2012

Math Stations Menu

I'm a huge fan of the Daily Five. I know many teachers are using it in their classroom and know it's a very effective way to run your reading program. After 4 years of using the Daily Five system, I feel pretty confident about how it's working in my classroom. This summer I started thinking about math. Most primary teachers are reading fanatics and most resources you find out there are geared towards reading and language arts.

This summer I'm making a goal to get geared up for stronger math instruction in my classroom. I'm going to take methods I use in my reading and language arts instruction and apply it to math. Sounds pretty simple...don't know why I didn't think about that before? Maybe because June is the only month out of the year that I can actually sit back and...THINK. :)

The first thing I want to modify are my math stations. They already work pretty well and the kids do a phenomenal job in them...but they could be better. I structure my Daily Five using menus for the kids and I just created menus for math stations. I'm attaching the menu below along with an explanation page on how I plan on running them this year. I cannot get into my classroom until July, so you'll have to wait for pictures until then. But check out the menu and share your thoughts!


  1. Thank you do much for sharing!! I am constantly looking for ideas on how to ensure that my math stations will be a success. :)

    1. Also, I used math menus last year and my kids REALLY enjoyed them! They loved having a choice and the opportunity to participate in some of their favorite activities when they wanted to.