Thursday, June 14, 2012

Freebie from my "Character is Key" mega pack!

The beginning of the year is a prime time for discussing and teaching key virtues: cooperation, respect, trustworthiness, etc. At our school, we call them "The Keys to the Castle." I've created a back to school packet that has everything you'll need for teaching these key virtues in your classroom. I just took some activities from the packet and created a freebie.

I don't know about you, but I love to play team building games with my kids. We have a morning meeting every morning and often we'll play a short partner game or a quick, fun community building activity. Knowing that many children are shy or apprehensive about pairing up with others (especially the first 6 weeks of school), I've created some cards to help keep pairing up organized and anxiety free. These cards are in the freebie.

I also heard a great idea from a colleague about using blank clocks as a way to pair up kids. Not only do the clocks make pairing up simple, but it includes 12 different possible pairings. This way you don't have the same kids with the same kids over and over and over! However, the clock system still keeps children feeling like they had a voice in the matter. These clocks are included in my freebie as well. Check it out at my TPT store:

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