Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last year I used these bookmarks with my guided reading groups. Once we established goals, the students put their sticky note under the C,A,F or E and they filled out their bookmarks. We filled out the bookmarks together, first circling our goal and then using the CAFE menu  to find strategies we can use to meet that goal.

For example, my accuracy group would circle A-Accuracy and then I guided them through the strategies part. I reminded them not to write all the strategies down from the menu but to pick 2 or 3 that they actually use. "Flip the vowel" and "cross check" were some of these most popular strategies for my struggling decoders.

I freshened up my bookmarks with some colorful DJ inkers graphics and some graphics from The 3 AM teacher. I've also included some black and white bookmarks that you can run on cardstock.

I've had some trouble with google docs. If you cannot access the file, please let me know!



  1. These are amazing! I like how they have a reminder right in front of them.
    Thank you,
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

  2. *LOVE* the bookmarks! I'm currently reading up on The Daily 5 and will be digging into CAFE next! I teach deep in the heart of Texas too! Stop by and see me sometime! Thanks, again!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  3. I hope you don't mind a little publicity...heading over to my FB page to share you fab book marks!