Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift for Teachers or Volunteers {Free Printables}

Happy early Valentine's Day everybody! My boys just finished up their Valentine's Day gifts for their preschool teachers. They go to preschool a few times a week and they have the nicest teachers. Being a former teacher, I know how hard they work and we wanted to let them know how much we love them.

For their gifts we created "Love Letters" using a template I created. The boys wrote one nice thing about their teacher that begin with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. So they each wrote 26 nice things about their teacher. My five year old could write everything himself using phonetic spelling. My 3 year old is learning to write his name but not able to write as fluently so I helped write for him.

My favorite was "She's NOT an octopus!" My five year old also write, "Big Brain." Haha! When we got all 26 "Love Letters" written, I wrapped them in gold ribbon and placed them in a shoe box that my boys painted red. I took a trip to the Dollar Tree and grabbed some raffia and some heart decor to throw in there. Last, but definitely not least, I threw in CHOCOLATE (both milk and dark).

The boys are very excited about presenting these gifts to their teachers next week. If you would like the "Love Letters" printable you can pick it up here. I have also created a class book format that you can download here. This would be a great activity to do with your kids at home or school. They can gift the book to a volunteer, special teacher, student teacher, administrator, counselor, or anyone who is special to them.

I hope you enjoy these printables!

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