Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mission Organization Linky: No more junk drawer!

Hello friends! I'm linking up with A Modern Teacher to share a way I'm getting organized at home. Now I will admit that I really didn't take on a HUGE project at home...I have two boys under two and the chaos never stops so there are several areas of my home that need a major face lift right now but..........I'm not that brave and I'm short on time! So I started small with...THE JUNK DRAWER!

*Don’t judge!*

Admit it y'all...you have a junk drawer. Everyone has a junk drawer. I have tried to organize this bad boy before but nothing ever stuck. I was running around Target today and found some fun washi tape. I decided to use the washi tape to label a drawer organizer. I labeled each section and planned out what I was going to put where. Anything I hadn’t used in a year was tossed.

I made a section for mail, tape, sticky notes, clips, pens, my iPod, my reading glasses and one that says BBW (bath and body works). The BBW section is for my car air freshener refills and the extra wallflower I’m not using right now. I always need a place to store goodies I get from BBW.

I also took all the receipts I had in Ziploc bags and placed them in that pink chevron container. I was using that chevron container for coupons and then it just started collecting receiptsso I guess I should just use it for receipts since I stink at couponing. (I seriously don’t know how they do that extreme couponing thingthat’s just nuts!)

So there you have it, a nice and tidy drawer! How long will it look like that you ask?? I am not making any promises on how long it will last but it sure looks nice now doesn’t it?! J

Head on back to A ModernTeacher to see some other organizational ideas for your home!


  1. I agree, trying to keep your junk drawer clean is just crazy! Maybe that is why it is called the junk drawer!! I also agree it is impossible to keep things super clean with two kiddos running around!! I feel you on that one!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. Love this!! I need to get on my junk drawer mess. Thanks for linking up!!!! ~April