Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snowflake Memory Freebie and My Little Artist :)

Hi friends! This weekend I made a memory game for my nephew Hank. I added some cute snowflake graphics from my favorite clip artist Krista Wallden. Hank loved this game! He's gotten really good at identifying "go", "big" and "the". I uploaded the sight word memory game to my Facebook fans section. The sight words included are the Dolch preprimer and primer sight words. You can pick them up here.

We also worked on the letter "K". I LOVE his lower lip in this picture, so funny!

I've started tutoring Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:45-2:00. I have 2nd-5th grade students. It's so much fun! I love doing small group all day...that was always my favorite time of day as a full time teacher. My second graders reviewed homophones with my "Color by Homophone" page:

You can pick that page up in this blog post. I've also been working on a Valentine's Day unit for 2nd/3rd. I'm hoping to get that finished by this weekend.

Oh and before I forget, I've started taking Jackson to a "Play and Learn" class that PBS puts on in my local library. He loves it so far. We go and sing, read and play in learning centers. Last week the theme was construction. Jackson made his first piece of artwork. (Well he was really just trying to eat the foam pieces and glue...Mommy helped him put the art together.) 

We decided to give this to Daddy to hang from his rear view mirror. Daddy loves it! :)

Have a great evening y'all! :)

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