Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shared Reading Freebies for the 100th Day!

Back when I taught kindergarten, the 100th day was a big deal! (Pretty sure it still is...right kinder teachers?) We celebrated the whole day with math and literacy centers tied into the 100th day theme. I remember one year we made these silly hats from Shari Sloane's website. If you haven't seen these before you've got to go to her website and read about them. They were so much fun to make and kept my kids busy and engaged. 

This year I'm not teaching kindergarten but I have some very good friends who are. I just finished making an e-book, big book and student booklets about the 100th day for them. 

To use the book as an e-book, just open the PDF file on your laptops and display on a projector. (If you don't have a projector in your classroom, you can print the e-book out and use it as a regular lapbook.)

Here are the pages:

I've also created pages to use for creating your own big book:

If you haven't created your own big book before, it's super easy and really beneficial for your students. I created my own all the time in kindergarten. I haven't put this 100th day big book together yet but I have directions for making your own big book in some of my shared reading packs on TpT. Here's the directions for my Halloween themed shared reader:

I've also created matching student booklets that can be placed in book boxes for repeated reading. These booklets were created for copying double sided in order to save paper. I created a version that matches the big book exactly and one that has more text for more advanced readers.

Regular version:

Challenge Version:

You can pick the whole file up here. I hope this helps you plan your 100th day activities! I'm off to do about 1,567 loads of laundry. ;) 

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