Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Traits Posters Freebie

Hey Y'all!

I have only two more weeks until I am back in the classroom and off of maternity leave...I cannot believe how fast it has gone! To get ready for my "back to school" week, I've been working on a writing unit. I have a super cute six traits bulletin board in my room (I don't have a picture because I'm on leave right now) but I realized I don't have posters I can display on my projector.

Soooo I created this little set to review the six traits as I teach my next unit on creative writing. (It's a super cute creative writing unit about Rudolph, will share as soon as I'm done.) Here are the posters if you would like to use them.  For some reason, the background colors didn't show up in the Google Docs link, but if you download them the background color shows up in PDF. Why? I have no clue! Enjoy!

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