Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mustache Bash Pictures, a SURPRISE, sight word {FREEBIE} and a sale!!

Hey Y'all!! I can NOT believe it's almost October. September kept me very busy. I'm sure y'all feel the same. My son had his first birthday party last Saturday and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Somehow we fit 80 people into our house...amazing! We did the "mustache bash" theme and it turned out very cute. I promised pictures so here you go!!

We also had a nice surprise for our guests. Jackson is going to be a big brother!! We are expecting our second child in April. :)

All in all, a great party! Alright on to the freebie! I've been working hard creating shared reading packs for my kinder teacher friends. When I taught kindergarten I ended up making my own big books and emergent readers because the curriculum my school had was from the mid 1990's and was not appropriate for my kids. Our big books were also just enlarged trade books that were way above my students.

I found that by making my own big books I was able to incorporate our popcorn words (sight words) into the other ELA objectives such as 1:1 correspondence and basic reading strategies. It took about 10 minutes to make each big book but I eventually trained a PTA mom to do it for me and it was AWESOME! Even better, I could print out matching emergent readers to give my students on Fridays. They would butter up popcorn words by coloring the popcorn words yellow and they got to color the pictures in. Their emergent readers were placed in their book boxes and read OVER AND OVER throughout daily five time and when we had reading buddies. It was awesome to get to see my kids reading their books to their 3rd grade buddies. Because they were so familiar with these texts they really saw themselves as readers, it gave them so much confidence. 

Here are some pics from my friend Hannah's room. She started using the packs last week. 

Here's one of her kiddos reading a "supported" version of the big book. I've leveled the emergent readers for her: the regular version that matches the big book, the supported version that has dots to push as you read (to teach children 1:1 correspondence) and an extended version with an extra line of text and writing opportunity. 

Here's a cute one of one of her girls reading aloud. So presh! This makes me miss kinder!!

You can check out my shared reading packs here: Apples or Farm. I'm working on a fall big book and Halloween big book. Included in these packs are some sight word practices pages. I made some freebies just for y'all! You can pick those up here. These pages are great for daily five word work time, small group or take home enrichment.

OHHHHH K, this is a long post! Last but not least, I'm having a SALE!! 10% off today, tomorrow and Monday. Have a great weekend!!

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