Monday, September 10, 2012

Science and Math Vocabulary

Alright, so I have to admit, vocabulary is not the most exciting thing to discuss or teach. However, it's crucial to children's understanding, particulary in math and science. I've worked hard through the years to make sure I teach vocabulary explicitly. I make sure to use the vocabulary throughout a unit and I expect children to use the vocabulary in their reading, writing and speaking. (Great for all students, especially ESL!)

Here are some ways I incorporate vocabulary in my teaching:

Math Vocabulary Wall

I didn't have a lot of wall space so I used my blue cabinets as a math vocabulary wall. I added green border to the edges to jazz it up a bit. Each vocab card is on a piece of 8 and a half by 11 card stock. The vocab words are in green ink and the rest of the print is black.

Here's a closeup of one of the cards. Our school color printer has been acting up so that's why the card has a little bit of black smudge on it, but you cannot tell from far away.

I slide the cards under one of those little white hooky things with the sticky tac on the idea what they are called! But it makes it super easy to change out the cards.

One thing I like to do in science is use those little library pockets to store vocabulary cards. Once we make the cards, we put them in the pocket and glue the pocket into our science notebooks.

I use the window pane format for vocabulary. In the top left box we write the word, in the top right box we write the definition, in the bottom left they draw a picture and the bottom right they draw or write about what it reminds them of.

And on just a fun note, I found these neon dry erase markers at Target! LOVE THEM! :)

Happy Monday!


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  2. I like your Vocab. cards for math. I think having non-examples is a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing!!!
    :0) Melissa
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