Monday, September 10, 2018

Kinder & First Grade Math Notebook Printables

Hello Teacher Friends! I hope your back to school time has been amazing and that you have the cutest class ever, I'm sure you do! :)

I wanted to share two files I recently completed. A loooooong time ago I posted a kinder math notebook freebie and people loved it. I finally have some time to work on creating and I upgrade and revised that freebie file to include numbers through 30.

The kindergarten math notebook includes three types of headers: Number of the Day, Number of the Week (if you want to break up the activities throughout the week) and Focus Number. I've also included the CCSS and TEKS. Check out the file here.

The first grade file is a little different and works with numbers 10-120. Check out the first grade file here. These files are best used in small group, guided math sessions and of course with the use of manipulatives like base ten blocks (first grade) or unifix cubes (kindergarten). If you have any questions or comments send me an email at 

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